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Burlesque Corsets


The Corset?  Well so much to say about this beautiful garment. Corsets date back since the 16th century and were made by a 'corset maker' or 'corsetier' to fit the 'individuals' body to hold and shape the torso for medical purposes. In the modern world now they are classed as a beautiful fashion garment whether it will be worn as burlesque clothing or very popular currently as part of a Moulin Rouge costume inspired by Christina 
aguilera costume in the film Moulin Rouge and Burlesque! Corsets are made to emphasize a curvy figure and at the same time reduce the waist. All of our burlesque corsets have laced backs using silk cording for the steel boned corsets and ribbon for the plastic boned corsets.

We have a fabulous range of burlesque corsets in many different colours, styles, fabrics and lengths, both steel boned and plastic boned.

Steel Boned Corset: Our steel boned burlesque corsets all have a 'busk' front fastening and surrounding bones are flat steel and are suitable for tight lacing and waist training. Each corset has a modesty panel and silk cord lacing.

Plastic Boned: Our plastic boned burlesque corsets are still fabulous quality and are more flexible to move around in than the steel boned, they are suitable for a 2" waist reduction whereas Steel boned have a 4" waist reduction.

Steel Busk Fastening: Steel clips at the front that fasten securely and shapes the torso giving a fab cleavage and pulls in the waist!

Modesty Panel: Flap of fabric (matching that of the corset) that can be worn under the lacing so not to expose any back skin.

MEASURING: If you are purchasing a steel boned corset always buy upto 4" LESS than your natural waist size (measuring slightly above belly button) for example: If your natural waist is 32" you willl need a 28" corset. IMPORTANT: Our plastic boned corset are all labelled small, medium, large xl and so on so we have in our opinion put the corresponding dress size in so if ordering one of the plastic boned corset/sets just order your normal dress size!

We really hope this information helps you choose your perfect burlesque corset.