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Steel Boned Burlesque Corsets

Here you will find genuine full steel boned burlesque corsets in many different colours and styles. A steel boned corset usually consists of a minimum of 12 flat or spiral steel bones. The boning supports your desired shape and are suitable for tight lacing and waist training and also prevents wrinkling of the fabric.

A Steel Boned Corset will reduce your waist by 4" YAY!!!



The Corset?  Well so much to say about this beautiful garment. Corsets date back since the 16th century and were made by a 'corset maker' or 'corsetier' to fit the 'individuals' body to hold and shape the torso for medical purposes. In the modern world now they are classed as a beautiful fashion garment whether it will be worn as burlesque clothing or very popular currently as part of a Moulin Rouge costume inspired by Christina 
Aguilera costume in the film Moulin Rouge and Burlesque! Burlesque corsets are made to emphasize a curvy figure and at the same time reduce the waist. 

All our Steel Boned Burlesque Corsets have suspender loops and a modesty panel and we use silk cording to lace rather than ribbon so this makes the lacing easier to pull in for a nice tight fit to give you that hour glass figure we all crave!

Steel boned corsets should not be confused with 'vinyl boning' as these are hard plastic bones and are generally classed as fashion corsets perfect for burlesque fancy dress but do also still look fab for their price!



There is a slight art to how to put a corset on! 

* Make sure your corset is the right way up!! normally the suspender loops will give an indication of this.
* Undo lacing at the back enough to get the corset around you and make sure the modesty panel is flat.
* Start to fasten the clips at the front starting from the middle, the top and bottom clips should then clip easily into place!
* Start pulling in the lacing at the back away from your body until you reach your desired tightness around your waist and bust. Do not pull too tight if this is the first time you have worn a corset! You can tighten as you get more used to wearing it.